It’s no secret that I think our species is pretty weird.  One of the weirdest things that I find about our species though, is our propensity for isolating, segregating and categorising our fellow weirdos.

Humans are, for better or for worse, multi-faceted creatures.  We are all onions (figuratively), with layers upon layers upon layers of characteristics imbued deep within our psyche, our neuronal network and encrypted in our DNA.  But even with this knowledge in hand, it doesn’t deter us from incessantly judging people by their covers; on the single outer-layer that they feel comfortable in revealing to the world around them, and reducing their entire being to one, petty identifier.  Rarely, in day-to-day interaction with strangers, do we take the time to delve further into the contrived, protective shells that people wear, so to unearth the raw, timid weirdo sitting on his or her lonesome behind the mask.  Well, here is my inner-atheist-weirdo wanting to shake hands with the outside world, and so I’m going to let him.

I know that atheism and all things religion-related is a pretty hot topic currently, and, being the non-religious fanatic that I am, I thought it be a splendid idea to itemise a few of my thoughts (generally rant) on this matter, in the hope that they may, just perhaps, obliterate a few misconceptions floating around out there.  Or better yet, let anyone harbouring similar mentalities – atheist or not – know that you’re not alone.

So here is my – 25 confessions of an atheist:

  1. I resent the term, ‘atheist.’  Why is there a word for describing a non-belief? It’s stupid.  If you’re Jewish, you’re not an ‘atheist’ toward Christianity, are you?  I just believe in one less God than you do, it’s that simple.  If you want to label me, call me a weirdo
  2. Atheists can be ‘spiritual’ without making metaphysical claims
  3. I find that the term ‘spiritual’ is an asinine word
  4. I am more fascinated with what is unknown than what is known, and I’m cool – in fact, driven – with knowing that I don’t know that much
  5. Just because I think that religion is stupid, doesn’t necessarily mean that I think you are stupid.  In my eyes, you are not your religion, and I’m still going to listen to what you have to say
  6. From my own research, I have found numerous aspects from all religions that I find enlightening.  Hell, I’ll just say it, I love Jesus.  He seemed like a great guy.  Do I think that he was the son of an omnipotent, omniscient and generally all powerful creator – no.  Do I believe he existed – undecided.  Point still stands
  7. I love Buddhism, Taoism and all things transcendental.  That doesn’t make me a Buddhist or mean that I hold supernatural beliefs
  8. Threatening me with an eternity in damnation just isn’t going to work.  It’s like threatening an 80 year old that Santa’s not going to bring them presents.  I don’t believe in Santa and I don’t believe in damnation
  9. You can pray for me if you like, I don’t care.  Just try to use your inside voice if I’m around
  10. If I bring up the topic of religion with you, it’s not because I’m trying to convert you to atheism.  That is absurd.  It’s merely because I find the topic of religion enthralling and I like to talk about it
  11. Atheism and nihilism are different things.  Do your research before you tell me that because I’m an atheist, I can’t find meaning to life (and, as a side, nihilistic thought, if shined in the right light, can be liberating)
  12. Einstein wasn’t religious.  Again, do your research
  13. Contemplating the infiniteness of the universe is as spell binding for me as contemplating heaven is for you
  14. String theory is not a proof for the existence of your God
  15. Using the point that scientists don’t know what came before the big bang as an argument in Gods favour is stupid.  It doesn’t tell me anything
  16. I make jokes about religion in the same way I make jokes about atheism.  Sorry (no I’m not), but asserting that ‘you should respect religion just because it’s religion’ isn’t going to do you any favours.  In fact, it will have about as much of an impact on me as an ingested gold fish will have on a sharks appetite.  I’ll respect you and your beliefs, but not necessarily the beliefs themselves
  17. Not all atheists are narcissistic, self-serving capitalists.  You can be an atheist and still love your enemy as thy self
  18. As an atheist, I do believe that there is such a thing as fundamentalist atheists.  All atheists are technically agnostic, and some of them – the atheists – do get carried away in absolutist philosophies
  19. When you tell me that you talk to God, I am going to question your sanity
  20. Don’t worry though, I can guarantee you that I am just as far more insane than you are
  21. To me, all religions are the same.  Though, some do provide for more comedic value than others
  22. If you find the topic of religion to be a sensitive one, then probably best not to bring it up.  I can’t take religion – or anything else, for that matter – seriously
  23. Not all atheists see humans as the all-glorious, apex predator of planet earth.  I, for one, don’t see humans as any more special than the excrement from a baboons butt
  24. You question my values based on my atheism, I question your values based on your religion.  Why don’t we both make an effort to raise these questions free from pre-conceptions?

And finally

  • The world is a beautiful place.  Let’s all try do our best in not reducing it to a mere label.  At the end of the day, we’re all human, and that’s what matters


Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. Well put! I hope to use some of these reasons one day when someone gives me a sneering look after I tell them I am an “atheist”.

  2. Bravo! An atheist declaring out loud and proud!

    I’m an atheist too, and most of my friends cannot seem to accept that. They
    think I’m a nice person so I deserve to go to Heaven, and they’ve been trying
    for years to convert me. I wish they could see the point of this – non-religious people can be good people as well. In fact, I pride myself as demonstrating better values &
    higher integrity than some very religious people that I know.

    I believe I’m responsible for my own actions and nobody else should have to bear
    the pain of my mistakes for me. I deserve it and I can deal with it.

    Religions divide people, and I’m absolutely cool knowing that we
    don’t know for sure how we came about. Nature is that mysterious and wonderful.

    Like you said, we should just remember that we’re all humans and we stand on equal.

    • Yeah, I can only imagine how annoying that must be. I’m fortunate in that most of my friends share similar beliefs to me, so heated discussion is all that ever ensues.

      Cause I’m a bit cheeky, here’s a quote to share with any of your female friends who are trying to convert you, especially if they’re feminist-y types:

      “I permit no woman to teach or have authority over man; she is to keep silent” – Timothy 2:11

      And yeah, humans are all human. Let us follow Jesus’s advice and live and let live (I think that was Jesus?)


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