So, I just read a post from this dude named Matt Walsh. The article’s about the recent Phil Robertson debacle; it’s about why, in Matt’s opinion, A&E shouldn’t have sacked Mr Phil for equating homosexuality to bestiality in a GQ interview. No biggie, hey? Haha.

I started following Matt’s blog a little while ago, cause his writing is, admittedly, beautiful. He’s a gifted wordsmith, there’s no doubt about it. He’s eloquent, he knows how to string a sentence together, and how to tie those sentences to echo perfect paragraphs.

Which makes it all the more difficult for me to understand how he can be so backward in his thinking.

Before I go on though, I wanna make something clear: this post has almost nothing to do with this Matt fellow. I don’t know him. I don’t claim to know him. The only knowledge I have of him stems from my having read a small handful of his writings. Like, three or four posts of his. That’s all. He could (otherwise) be the most delightful, kind-hearted, empathetic person on the planet. I wouldn’t know. Cause, again, to reiterate, I don’t know him. At all.

But holy hell, when people rail against our most basic human levels of empathy, kindness, and understanding, and justify doing so in the name of free speech, my knickers knot.

To set the tone, this is how his article beings:

Dear A&E,

I read that you are indefinitely suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty after he quoted the Bible and said that the homosexual act is sinful. I get it, guys. I do. You punished the Christian guy for being a Christian because you got some angry emails from a bunch of whiny gay activists who lack the spine and maturity to deal with the fact that there are still people out there who have the guts to articulate opinions that they find disagreeable.

And, cause I think it’s somewhat fitting, this is how the article concludes:

You made your bed. You decided to stand against free speech, against open expression of ideas, against Christians, against the Bible, against the views of a majority of humanity, against the most profitable show in the history of your network, and against almost all of your viewers. But, hey, at least you put a smile on GLAAD’s face. That must make it all worth it, right?


Everyone who isn’t a left wing extremist (AKA your former customer base)

Now, first of all, I don’t know anything about this thing he speaks of. I’m Australian. And I don’t watch television. Two strikes, I’m out. But I do have friends, American friends, American friends who also happen to be homosexual – you know, friends who are men who like men, friends who are women who like women. And so, I can’t help but be at least infinitesimally involved.

But let’s get back to this free speech business this Matt guy speaks of.

Free speech is a beautiful thing. I’m all for free speech. I live by the old adage: “I disapprove of what you’ve said, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” I’m against censorship. Totally. Free speech, like Matt (indirectly) remarks, is important. Extremely important. No matter how hurtful, no matter how ignorant, no matter how absurd, or ludicrous, or downright stupid someone’s thoughts are, they’ve a right – a secular right – to express their thoughts. True. Yes. Let’s all hope it stays this way.


Cause, after all, free speech is effectively what defines the ‘free’ western world as being free. In terms of civil liberties, it’s pretty much all we’ve got left. But the thing about free speech is that it works both ways: we’re free to say stupid things, and, in equal measure, we’re free to call stupidities out when we hear or see them. Or, alternatively, we’re free to placate someone’s speech if we see fit. That’s not un-freedom, that’s a judgment call. If you don’t like it, take your freedom somewhere else. Cause remember, you’re free to do that. And in this case, contrary to what Matt has said, it’s not the left-wing, heathen sinners that are throwing a hissy fit, it’s the people like Matt, whining, whinging, wailing about Phil Robertson’s ‘unfair’ (hooey!) suspension.

As far I know, here’s what happened.

A man, a Christian man, named Phil Robertson – a television star – made some derogatory (hurtful, spiteful, ignorant – equating homosexuality to bestiality) comments, directed at the gay community, and general gayness.

Consequently, he was given ye old heave-ho. He was sacked, or suspended, or whatever, from the network that his show is (was) on. And now people like Matt have started throwing burning invectives at the A&E, accusing them of being anti-free speech, of curtailing one of our most fundamental, human liberties. He’s allowed to express his Christian beliefs, these people say. Why has the A&E suspended him for merely exercising one of his most basic autonomies?

Fuck me. Why isn’t the answer more obvious.

Think of it like this, confused people.

You own a coffee shop. It’s a rather successful coffee shop, and it draws in people from all around the world. You sell croissants and bagels and donuts and even Christmas hampers. Accordingly, you have many employees. They’re made up of all different kinds of people, from all different sorts of backgrounds – different ethnicities, different cultures, different religions.

For the most part, everyone works well together. They’re compliant, they take direction, and they adhere to the standards you’ve set for your coffee shop’s image. But there’s an exception. There’s this one guy, let’s name him Jack. Jack makes a mean arse coffee, but he’s got a loose, sometimes mean arse tongue. He swears a lot. He’ll drop the F-bomb (fuck), willy-nilly. Never, however, does he swear at the customers. His swears are always directed at either himself, or at no one in particular.

But then, one day, Jack wakes up on the wrong side of bed. That day, when a customer complains to Jack, saying that the coffee Jack made for him was burnt and yucky, Jack loses his shit. He doesn’t yell at the customer, he’s perfectly calm and collected. But what he does is he swears at him. He calls him a ‘fag’. He tells him that he needs to get his eyes checked (Jack’s a great barista remember; he’s not a logician). And then he tells the customer to go and fuck himself.

The next day, Jack gets fired.


Jack’s pissed. He sues the café for unlawful dismissal.

Why should he get fired? Jack has a right to speak in the way he wishes. It’s not illegal to tell someone to go and fuck himself. It’s perfectly fine. It’s a café, not the BBC; Jack’s not regulated in that strict sort of way. It’s his right to say those things. His right to free speech.

Now, let me ask you something, reader: Would you have fired Jack?

Would you have said, look, Jack, that’s unacceptable. I could deal with the blatant swearing when it was soft and incognito, but swearing at a customer, that’s not cool, man. It makes us look like arseholes. That’s not the sort of image I want attached to my brand. Sorry, Jack. You’ve got to go.

I think I would have. I know I would have. I swear a lot. I love swearing. But if I were running a café, I’d not have tolerated Jack’s shit. (Unless a customer was being a rude arsehole, and he deserved it. Then, Jack would stay.)

Why, then, was the A&E wrong in their decision to get rid of someone – someone who represents their brand – who said some stupid arse shit, on national television, or in some magazine, or wherever it was?

This Phil fellow represents the A&E. I don’t know how the television industry works, but it seems to me that A&E is somewhat like the café owner, and Phil is something like Jack. He represents the network indirectly. It’s within their “right” (oh how I loathe that word in this context) to sack, suspend, or dance on Jack.

It’s not about free speech – it’s about business. (And hopefully about a business’s desire to keep the hate they indirectly represent to a minimum, even if that means their ratings take a hit as a result.)

But moving on, to the fun stuff.

I understand that gayness is a sin in Christian dogma. It’s in the bible. If you want to get into heaven, you’d better not be gay. And if you are, repress that shit. Shove it all the way down into your colon, and hope that you pee out the Gay Urge the next day. Cause, you know, it’s unnatural, and, if you wish, pray – strong enough, hard enough, with enough credulity – it’ll just wash straight out of you. The Lord, your saviour, will heal your wicked heart.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Please, man, you’ve got to understand that not all people see ‘gayness’ in this same way. Most people, people that have read a book or two, know that being gay is about as natural as a salmon swimming upstream. It’s not a life choice one consciously decides. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not a form of reckless recalcitrance. Or civil disobedience. It’s not some sort of raging against the machine. Nope. It’s just biology. Pure and simple.

So when you use your bible to justify your beliefs, and then use free speech to justify expressing them, this is what it sounds like to the rest of us:

“I hate certain people because they’re different to me. And, cause my bible tells me to, I’ve to express this hate.”

Hate, man, all forms of hate, isn’t cool. And, from what I know of Jesus, it’s not what he would have wanted. In your minds, you’re doing what’s right. I get that. I think I get it. A little. But, fuck me. Man. Treating gay people as if they’re sinners, wrong, bad, wicked, sub-human – that really isn’t cool. Fuck your stupid beliefs, we’re talking about people here. People with feelings and emotions. People who, unlike beliefs, can hurt. And I know a lot of Christians who’d agree with me.

It’s just bad taste.

In his article, Matt asks the secular, neo-liberal, free-speech hating, left-wing flying, brainwashing thought police, the following:

Just to be doubly clear: you guys hate the Bible and find it to be offensive, right? Or is it just parts of the Bible? Or is it just Christians? Or is it just Christians who have the audacity to believe in the entire Bible, rather than a select few segments that pass the modern PC litmus test?

The answer, to all of the above, is – no. I can’t speak for we guys, but as far as I’m concerned, no, I don’t hate the bible; I don’t even find it offensive; not even those parts that I find barbaric (I just find them amusing). Nope – don’t hate Christians either. Don’t even hate Christians who’ve the audacity to believe in the entire bible. (Actually, I can’t say I’ve met any, personally. Most people, from my experience, enjoy getting haircuts – that’s a no-no in the bible.)

What I hate is hate. It makes me feel funny inside. I hate generalised discrimination. It’s vague, solipsistic, and undiscerning. It’s black and white. Without nuance. It is blind, it is wrathful, and it burns.


When will people like Matt learn that the world is a beautiful, manifold, mysterious place. It consists of all sorts of things and people and stuff. Gayness is just one of those beautiful things. Cause remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are so many things that separate us as mammals. Religion (not a belief in god) is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the more problematic ones. Why don’t we focus on the stuff that brings us together, instead of the stuff that highlights where we differ?

I’m not outraged by this event. I’m not hurt. I’m not angry or pissed off or even mildly peeved or offended. I’m just sad. That’s all. Just sad. Sad that we can’t all just get along. Sad that we still live in a world where some people believe, without a shadow of doubt, that some book, written by dehydrated desert wanderers thousands of years ago, should dictate how we treat each other, here, in 2013. A book that is, in parts, magnificent, beautiful, wondrous. But in others, backward, regressive, running against the fabric of our expanded, collective intellect. That’s saddening.

Can’t we just move on from this dark age of ignorance and blind barbarism? Can’t we take the good aspects of our history’s wisdom – the parts that draw on the good, the light, the Oneness, the togetherness, the beauty – and leave behind the parts that serve to separate, isolate, judge, scorn, and deride our social worlds?

This isn’t about politics; it ain’t about the left or the right. It’s not about religion, nor is it about beliefs. This is purely, simply, only about being decent human beings. It’s about kindness. Love. It’s about being nice to one another. As individuals, rather than as labels. Stigmas. Preconceived ideas. It’s about getting along.

Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we?


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  1. Thank you! I am all to familiar with that kind of argument. Ever since I publicly came out and started posting in the LGBQI categories I have received gay-hate mail. I also had some stuff published in a few online magazines, which brought the haters and the trolls. If only there were more people like you in the world. From one of those evil women who like women, and from a fellow Aussie, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • It’s fucking ridiculous, isn’t it? I find it mind boggling how people don’t understand that when someone equates homosexuality to bestiality, that it is mean, and hurtful. It’s not offensive, it’s just plain rude. If the dude had made that exact comment about black people, can you imagine the outrage?

      Look, being black, it’s just not right. It’s not god wanted. But that’s just my opinion. You know what I’m saying? Just my opinion. But hey, we’re all god’d children. So yeah, I won’t disrespect black people, all I’m saying is that it’s unnatural.


      • Yes! Fuckery indeed! I am sick to death of this comparison between homosexuality and bestiality and child molestation. WTF?! Seriously we are just regular people. Why some people feel the need to vilify us I will never understand. I guess it is easier to oppress and hate people that are evil and bad. If you recognise us as just people, then you may have to start accepting us, and that’s just way too scary. Maybe seeing gay people will make your kids gay? Because I grew up surrounded by straight people and guess what? It didn’t make me straight!

  2. Agree with this 110% interestingly I am also Australian and don’t watch TV.

  3. I wish I had the answer to this. Unfortunately, we are the minority. Well said, my friend. Oh, and I’m an American that does not watch TV. : )

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  5. Here’s where you and I are again in total agreement. I love Matt’s writing. But sometimes his message is so shout-y and unforgiving and lacking in all kindness that I wonder why I’m reading it. Then he’ll write something admitting he’s a total ass and sucks me back in. I wish he didn’t adhere to Catholic tradition so strongly. I keep thinking about his latest post, too… wondering how he’d handle things if one of those cute babies he just had tells Daddy Walsh he’s gay.

    • Wouldn’t that be ever so nice? I say that not out of spite, but because it might loosen him up a little, you know, with all the strings of consanguinity pulling at his rope. He’s got a fair influence over the interwebs; maybe then he’ll use it for the Good.

  6. People who make this freedom of speech argument don’t understand one thing: it’s an element of a constitution, a document that governs relationship between government and its citizens. It does not apply to the relationship between an employer and employee – that’s a matter of labor law.
    This is why I blog anonymously – I know that I have freedom of speech to not be prosecuted for my mostly innocent political jokes, but I know that when it comes to my employer, I have no freedom of speech defense.

    • Yep. What’s more, freedom of speech isn’t really even that much of a freedom. It’s like when people say that we live in ‘free’ countries. That’s a fairly broad interpretation of what a ‘free’ country is. I mean, sure, you won’t get stoned for reading 1984 on the bus, but hell, you smoke a joint in front of a cop and they’ll get pretty aggressive. Grow a beard, look kind of ethnic, be at the wrong place at the wrong time – TERRORIST! (I’ve had some bad experiences, man. We ain’t that free.)

      Anon’s probably the way to go. Fortunately for me, I’ve resigned myself to the possibility of becoming a gypsy.

      • Our countries (and I mean both US and Australia, plus most other 1st world) can be still be called “free” in relative terms.
        If you’re trying to make it as a writer, you’d probably have to use your own name. I have no such aspirations.

        • In relative terms, ‘course. We’re free as a floating shit. But really, in this ol’ reality chestnut, it stretches the word. And, unfunny story, apparently a lot of writers develop whole careers under pen names. It’s more common that you might think it to be. It’s much more common than I had thought. Each to their own, I s’pose.

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  8. Thank you! I’m tired of saying it’s a freedom of speech issue. True, we have the right to say what we want . . . but should we? And shouldn’t we consider the context? Yet, the same people who argue in favor of being able to slander others publically want to restrict students from cursing in schools . . . what is the difference then? It’s all about context. Say what you want at home, but in public consider your audience and the repercussions of what you say. You can say what you want but be ready to accept the response of others. Also, it’s not an attack on Christians. It’s an attack on bigotry and hate. And sorry, not everyone is a Christian. I for one, am not, and even if I was, I would not support anti-gay sentiment that has sadly taken root in the church.

    • I’m all for cursing in schools. Bring it on. Just be prepared for the stares, the detentions, and all the other shit that comes alongside expressing yourself. It’s A&E’s choice; nothing to do with their curtailing free speech. He’s not getting burned at the stake, he’s getting suspended. Repercussions happen. I blog un-anon. Might this affect future employment? Sure. Risk is on me. Oh well. Just a shame that anti-gay shit is still lingering, a thick fart that just want break down.

  9. I read that way back in the early biblical days, it was a common practice for the men in a town to gang rape a stranger they didn’t like and wanted to get rid of. Whoever was writing on the code of ethics in those days was dealing that, not two men who wanted to be together.
    On the lighter side; I can’t believe this Duck Dynasty thing made it down to Australia. I’m Canadian,I watch a lot of TV (I like to announce that shamelessly) but never that show. I’ve seen the commercials for it and can not believe it’s so popular. I live right beside a First Nations reserve where Facebook is huge and Duck Dynasty is very popular. This morning Facebook was filled with photos of these guys with their quotes. One thing you are right about for sure; Humans are weird!

    • Much like your avatar picture, we just be apes. Our intellects haven’t, unfortunately, grown so far apart from our ancestors either. (That sounded mean, wasn’t meant to.) Dunno if it reached down under, mate. My g/f said that she has seen it before. She finds the show ultra funny. She said it’s like watching Jersey Shore, or Desperate Housewives. A dirty sort of pleasure.

      Fucking weird, man. We are fucking and we are weird.

  10. I think I like what you’re saying, although I’m hopelessly confused. This is a blog article about some guy’s blog who commented on what a TV company did to some guy who said something in an interview? I think I lost the plot. I’m agreeing with this: “Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we?”

    • Nope, you lost no plot. That’s what happened. The Matt guy is a badcore religious dude, and ultimately using this famous guy’s dismissal to rant on about Christians being persecuted by the secularist, heathens. But yes, can’t we all just get along. You like ketchup, I like chocolate sauce. Let’s just hug out our differences and make duck noises into our sippie cups.

  11. Perfectly said. This makes me want to add my own two cents, but I don’t know if that’s necessary considering how well you already said it. You know what? I’mma re-blog this.

  12. Hey there Rob, very well thought out, and very well put. I want to say I am a Christian, and I find it heartbreaking that so many choose to use the bible as a justification for hate and judgement. Matt’s statement that it’s about believing all of the book to justify the statements made is disheartening. If it’s about believing the whole book then he must understand what that means. It means we are all sinners. Himself and Mr. Phil included. And in light of that they would also believe that all sin is equal God’s eyes – sin is sin – murder, bestiality, being gay, being lustful, being a liar, or a thief or a gossip, etc – it’s all the same, which would mean that they have nothing to say because they are no better or different than those that they judge. They would be familiar with the parable about removing the log from their own eye before trying to remove the speck from some-one else’s.

    Jesus’ message was about love, it was about coming together and being of one accord, one mind, one heart and sharing love amongst one another and throughout the earth. It was not about having an ‘us against them’ mentality. But rather about humanity learning the art of empathy and compassion and lifting one another up regardless of where we find ourselves. It isn’t about judging one another’s differences but about helping one another to be whole, whatever that looks like because I am sure that many of us do not achieve it in our lifetimes, but at least we can strive towards it, right?

    • Thanks. I tried me hardest on this one. Even re read it a few times. And yeah, I’ve heard peple say that all sin is supposed to be equal. I’ve not yet read the bible in full – I’ll get around to it soon, cause I’m a curious bird. But if it is so, then I don’t understand why people are so quick to judge others, instead of first, as you said, pulling your own log out of your anus. Helping each other to be whole seems like a good idea to me. Start with you, then people will learn by your example, or something like that. I don’t bloody know. Living is all very difficult.

      • Yes, yes it is difficult, if only we would all learn to look at our own issues. But it seems to be easier to point out everyone else’s… (I think it’s called avoidance – or perhaps diversion “look at what they’re doing! now you won’t notice what I’m doing”)

  13. I have read loads of your posts and enjoyed most but this one takes the cake, epic is what it is.
    I am no “wordsmith” but this vision of acceptance is what I have clumsily tried to express to some religious groups recently.

    • Just most of them? Hah. Thanks, mate. That’s kind of you to say.

      It’s funny that; why is the concept of acceptance so difficult to grasp? It’s pretty easy, I reckon, really. Oi you, over there. You’re different from me; but I’ll accept you, as you are, cause hey, I’m trying out this whole, Be accepting of others, thing. Easy as peeing on a rose.

      • That’s how I explain it and it appears to get people’s backs up? The answer I always get is the bible says it is a sin so it is, when I quote other fiction books in response they think I am taking the piss??

        • Read them quotes from the bible that have to do with not cutting your hair, not working on Sundays, not handling pig flesh. There’s lots of stuff in their that they probably just conveniently overlook. Cause it’s dumb. That always goes down well. (No it doesn’t.)

  14. This is so good. I agree with you on all these things. Yes you have the right to say what you want to, but that doesn’t absolve you from the consequences it may bring. It’s amazing to me that so many people who claim to be walking in Jesus’ footsteps so often behave nothing like him. The Bible has become an a la carte menu used to serve up steaming plates of judgement faster than you can say “hate.” I wish we could all knock it off already. We’re people – let’s just be kind to each other. We learned that shit in kindergarten: play nice, be fair, and take naps. It is not complicated…Excellent post.

  15. I can’t go that show. This is the first laugh it’s given me. And JC said “I bring not peace, but the sword” and goes on to say how he’ll turn family members against one another. It’s in Matthew somewhere.
    Christians are all for free Christian speech. Anything else is persecution.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard that too. Even as an atheist who likes Jesus I prefer to ignore it. Jesus was a pot smoking hippie with a fine arse brain in my mind. Don’t ruin that for me! *covers ears* fa-la-la-la-la-la-la.

  16. Nice. I couldn’t have said it better. I wonder if there would be all of this debate if he had said the same thing about black people. I had this friend who once brought some acquaintance of hers who was a homophobe. So I told the guy being a homophobe was not OK and my friend gave me crap for it, saying that where he came from being a homophobe was very normal and I had to be tolerant. I asked her if she would also have asked me to be tolerant if her friend had been a racist. A lot of people don’t seem to get both are just as bad.

    • Exactly. If he’d said, ‘Look, I don’t think that being black is right. It’s not what god wanted. But that’s just my opinion. I’d never disrespect a black person for being different, but that’s just what i think.’ People would lose their bananas. Granted, I read somewhere that he just said black people were happier (or, just generally happy and well looked after) pre civil rights movement. Cause he knew a few who had it pretty swell. Beautiful, hey?

  17. Is there some sort of pattern where people who don’t watch TV agree with you? Since I’m not Australian, that seems to be the single commonality here. Does that mean watching TV is a significant risk factor for stupidity and bigotry? (surprise 😉 )

    • Tom Cruise comes out as being a Crazytologist, and his career is never the same. But this gay (haha, funny typo – guy) coming out as a racist and a bigot and whatever else, and people get mad at his being suspended. Shit like this happens all the time. The hypocrisy, it burns. Granted, the reason he is famous is precisely for his absurd views. Views which, unfortunately, only tend to validate the other crazy homophobes and racist nazis among us. Whadayagonna do? Laugh, Giggle, Dance – the only reasonable things to do in such situations.

  18. I am from south Louisiana…while I do see the thriving culture, food and fun and good times, etc. we are known for, I also see the small-minded ass-backward thinking that is still alive an well in the south. I don’t know all the details of this story, but I don’t side with one or the other. Phil has a right to his views and A&E has a right to suspend their business transaction with him. Phil can say whatever the fuck he wants to (and more than likely, he will bc he is an old man from the Deep South). don’t ask him his opinion on a contreversial subject and not expect your panties to get twisted. It’s almost laughable that anyone was shocked at what he had to say. And I am not saying I agree with his words. I am saying (like the quote goes–paraphrasing) ‘while I dont agree with your opinion, I will defend your right to have that opinion.’ While I don’t think it’s a total ‘free speech’ issue, he has the right to his own beliefs.
    And since it was A&E’s right to do what they did, they can deal with, perhaps the drop in ratings, the flack they are getting from the south, the praise they also may be getting from others. This part of the whole clusterfuck is the business part of them being able to cut their ties bc it is their channel. They, too, can do what the fuuuck they want to.
    And I don’t think I know all the details but some time back the show was in the spotlight for the praying that is seen. Didn’t the show want them to cut it out? The praying, I mean. And I say again, do and say what the FUCK you want. I don’t agree with A&E wanting to scrap that part of the show. It’s how they/we live out lives down here and, I’m sure, in other places. If you’re looking to do a ‘reality’ show on people in the south, you can expect things like this. To be offended by this is fucking rediculous.
    Often times, our liberal one-sided media can be such pussies with people who don’t have their views. And as I am typing this, I do think that it can be the other way around with conservatives. Why the fuck should I be tolerant of things the liberal media asks us to be tolerant of when things from the show that brings them so much money and ratings upset them and they want to shut shit down?
    Final–we are all people. Every single one of us will die one day. Spend the time you have enjoying life and bringing as much peace as you can. To quite John Lennon, “all you need is love.”

      • Woops, forgot to respond.

        “Phil has a right to his views and A&E has a right to suspend their business transaction with him.” Yep. That’s about right, me reckons.

        His choice to express his views. Their choice to say, nope, these aren’t views we endorse and so you gotta go. It’s a bit shit on A&E’s part though, admittedly. From what I know of the dude, and the show, it’s about exploiting and having a laugh at the ‘redneck’ lifestyle. Seems a bit malevolent to me. Though is he, and the people on the show, victim? They get paid. They get paid a lot, probably.I dunno. One thing’s for sure – this whole debacle reflects poorly on society.Generally.

        • I agree with you on the societal decline. We (society in general) are going to hell in a hand basket. At lightning speed. Smarter and more advanced we are getting, yet dumb and selfish as shit we are as well.

  19. Great post! It breaks my heart that people feel the urge to judge and condemn in the name of Jesus. I’ve never been a Christian and never knew the story of Jesus until a few years ago, but once I learned, I found myself confused, because the thing I understood about Jesus is that he was sort of a hippie. A loving, unconditional hippie- plain and simple. So, what would Jesus do? He would love unconditionally. Why do people keep pressing and projecting their egos and thoughts into the idea of Jesus? If you just look at and feel his essence, wouldn’t you simply see and feel love? At least that is my understanding.

    I look forward to reading more posts.

    Have a great day,

    • Thanks, Lindsey. I don’t get it either. Well, I do, I think; people need some target to direct their hate/angst/fear/general-inside-negavity toward. Gay people are an easy target. I reckon. But me name’s not Freud, so I don’t fucking know.

      And yeah, Jesus seemed all right. There are some stories in which he comes across as a proper arshole, but I dunno. I guess that I, too, will believe what I wanna believe.

  20. I also did some researching on this matter and here’s what I’ve summed up:
    I’ve always told people that I could care less about what other people do with their lives. How they act, what they say, as long as they’re not physically hurting anyone or making threats there’s no need to get all worked up over something that doesn’t affect you. I never cared weather or not someone was gay because that’s their business, that’s their life. Just like I don’t care that Miley Cyrus cut her hair off, twerks on the daily and produces sexual music videos. We’re all people- we all say what we think and believe. So if gays are so adamant about their personal free speech and way of life- why is it that anyone else’s free speech and way of life becomes their problem? Duck Dynasty star doesn’t like gays, doesn’t believe they’ll go to heaven. CRY ME A RIVER. If I wrote down all the rude comments and ignorant things people have said about me I’d have a 4 volume set. Let’s tell it how it is; people care way too much about what other people think. People care way too much about things that don’t affect them. Someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle and your opinions and clearly you don’t agree with theirs- so why is anyone getting punished in this situation? It’s a loose/loose double-edged sword where there is no right and no wrong answer. Therefore, punishing someone on one side does not solve anything.


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