For every positively fabulous thing that humans have ever done on this earth throughout history, there has always been – and will most certainly always be – an equally disastrous counterpart. For instance: Cure the common cold. Atom bomb. Invent the plane. Crash it into a building. Build up intricate, complex methods of communication. Tlk […]

So in Australia our government is doing this splendidly clever thing and holding a plebiscite to determine whether we should legalise gay marriage.   Translation for the non-Aussies: The Australian government is going to spend $120 million on a postal vote to put the morality of homosexuality under the spotlight, i.e., to legitimise and give […]

I was about to fall asleep just now but I got out of bed to write this and I haven’t reread it because I’m half asleep, so if I’ve made any typos or stupid things, please let me know in the comments to save me from proofing it in the morning. I’m half asleep, so […]