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Considering that I am now rather certain that at least a few people read my posts, and, as history suggests, a few are often even beguiled into commenting, I thought I might make a ‘commenting policy’ section to guide you with your communications.

My advice:

I couldn’t give an infinite amount less of shits about what you have to say.  It’s your comment.  Do with it what you please.

Just be weary that I have the power to control and manipulate the comments you write: This is my house, bitches.

This means that your comment of … “You are an absolutely unenlightened twat-bag, who needs to stop flapping his mouth on topics that he doesn’t understand.  I fart in your general direction.  Your mother was a hamster and your farther smells of elderberries,” could very easily become, “I love you.  Will you marry me?  You’re so handsome and charming and your beard makes my insides tingle with disdainful ecstasy.”

Would I ever do such a thing?  I don’t know.  I haven’t thus far, but I’m an unpredictable kind of fella.  So watch yo self.

Bottom line(s):

If you want to hurl abuse, swear, dance, disagree with me, sing, throw proverbial javelins at cheetahs … I don’t give a shit.  You may give yourself the appearance of an ass twat at your own leisure, which will especially be the case if you choose to openly disagree with me.  Because keep in mind, I am Jesus and thus omniscient, and so your conflicting stance will inevitably be discredited with haste on account of my almighty majesty.

I’d suggest you also keep in mind that a large chunk of the stuff I write is based on satire.  So, for the newbies, no, I’m not, nor do I think I am, Jesus.  If you feel offended with what I’ve written, there’s a large chance that you didn’t detect the intended funny.  Oh well.

Humour is my main aim.  It cures our ailments.  And it feeds our soul.

A comment full of humour is always one that’s most appreciated.  But again, shits not be given.


On a seriously unserious (but actually serious) note; I no longer have any interest in debating with my commenters. If you’re opinion calls my attention for a debate, I shall simply ignore it. Unless I’m feeling frisky, of course. In which case – game on.

Say what you will.  The choice is yours.

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  1. “You’re so handsome and charming and your beard makes my insides tingle with disdainful ecstasy.”

    That alone made my day (says me, with a beard).

  2. Hey! I’ve nominated you for Sunshine award and The versatile blogger award. You can read about it on my blog:

  3. Hi I’ve nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award – your work deserves it!
    If you will accept it, these are the rules…
    1) The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on her/his blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.
    2) The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.
    If you’re too busy to do all that I don’t blame you, and I hope you will just take it as a compliment for your efforts . See here: Life’s Journeys Unfolding http://meaningunfolding.wordpress.com/?p=976&preview=true

  4. Hi there! Not sure how you feel about blogging awards, but I’ve nominated you for the Black Wolf Blogger Award. Check out my latest post for rules: http://asmukti.com/2014/10/05/black-wolf-blogger-award-check-out-these-great-sites/ Thanks for your left-of-centre posts and inspiration! Michael 🙂

  5. It’s ironic that you claimed humans to be weird when you’re one yourself. Turns out that you are who you claimed to hate.

    And you claimed that you’re omniscient Jesus when you really aren’t. How sad of you.

    Lemme tell you this: satire is for losers.

  6. How did I not know that this was a place? Why didn’t you, or anybody else for that matter, tell me?

    Oh, well. I’m here now, resisting the urge to hurl abuse and tempt you into a fruitless debate about socks or something. I’ve got bigger fish to grill, slowly, and very far away from here. But I’ll be back, so watch out…

  7. We should be friends. I like you.


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